Board Meetings

Regularly scheduled Board meetings are normally held on the second Thursday of the month at 4:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the San Bernardino Community College District offices at 114 S. Del Rosa Drive, San Bernardino, or as otherwise specified.

All regular and special meetings of the Board of Trustees are open to the public, accessible to persons with disabilities, and comply with the Brown Act provisions, except as otherwise required or permitted by law.

Upcoming Board Meeting Dates                                                    

November 12 @ 2:30pm            

December 3 @12pm (Study Session: Student Success Scorecard)

December 10 @ 4pm

January 21 @ 4pm

January 28 @ 12pm (Study Session)

February 4 @ 12pm (Study Session)

February 25 @ 4pm

March 10 @ 4pm - to be held at SBVC Business Conference Room

March 24 @ 9am-tbd (Board Retreat)

April 14 @ 4pm - to be held at CHC LRC Bldg

April 21 @ 12pm (Study Session)

May 12 @ 4pm

May 26 @ 12pm (Study Session)

June 9 @ 4pm

June 23 @ 12pm (Study Session)

July 14 @ 4pm

July 28 @ 12pm (Study Session)

August 11 @ 4pm

August 25 @ 12pm (Study Session)

September 1 @ 12pm (Study Session)

September 8 @ 4pm

September 22 @ 12pm (Study Session)

October 20 @ 4pm

October 27 @ 12pm (Study Session)

November 10 @ 4pm

December 8 @ 4pm

About the Agenda

The agenda for the Board of Trustees Meetings is the official document under which business is transacted.  The official agenda shall be posted on the District website and on the front door of the District Administration Building and the Administration Building on each college campus, and District education centers at least 72 hours prior to each Regular Meeting and 24 hours prior to each Special Meeting of the Board.  Copies of the agenda shall be available in the Chancellor's Office during regular office hours prior to the Board Meeting and in the Board Room prior to the start of each meeting.

Addressing the Board

Any member of the public who wishes to address the Board on any matter on the agenda of a regular Board meeting or on the notice for a special Board meeting is limited to five minutes per person and 20 minutes per agenda topic unless the time limit is extended by a majority vote of the Board.

A member of the public who wishes to address the Board on an item not on the agenda, but related to the business of the District, is limited to five minutes unless a majority of the Board votes to extend the time limit.  The total time for members of the public to speak on the same or a substantially similar subject shall be limited to twenty minutes unless a majority of the Board votes to extend the time limit.  Each speaker coming before the Board is limited to one presentation per specific agenda item before the Board and to one presentation per meeting on non-agenda matters.

Members of the public desiring to address the Board shall complete and submit a Public Comment card.

As a matter of law, members of the Board may not discuss or respond to public comments unless the matters are properly noticed for discussion or action in Open Session.

Anyone who requires a disability-related modification or accommodation in order to participate in the public meeting should contact the Chancellor's Office at (909) 382-4091 as far in advance of the Board meeting as possible.

For More Information: Welcome to a Board of Trustees Meeting