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Chapter 1: The District
Chapter 2: Board of Trustees
Chapter 3: General Institution
Chapter 4: Academic Affairs
Chapter 5: Student Services
Chapter 6: Business & Fiscal Services
Chapter 7: Human Resources   


Chapter 1: The District

Policy Procedures
BP1100 The San Bernardino CCD
No AP                                    
BP1200 District Mission Statement


 Chapter 2: Board of Trustees

Policy Procedures
BP2010 Board Membership No AP
BP2015 Student Members
BP2100 Board Elections No AP
BP2105 Election of Student Trustees AP2105 Election of Student Trustees
BP2110 Vacancies on the Board
AP2110 Vacancies on the Board
BP2130 Term Limits
BP2200 Board Duties & Responsibilities
BP2210 Officers
BP2220 Committees of the Board
BP2305 Annual Organizational Meeting
BP2310 Regular Meetings of the Board No AP
BP2315 Closed Session No AP
BP2320 Special & Emergency Meetings AP2320 Special & Emergency Meetings
BP2330 Quorum and Voting AP2330 Quorum and Voting
BP2340 Agendas
AP2340 Agendas
BP2345 Public Participation at Board Meetings No AP
BP2350 Speakers
BP2355 Decorum
BP2360 Minutes
BP2365 Recording AP2365 Recording
BP2410 Board Policies & Administrative Procedures AP2410 Board Policies & Administrative Procedures
BP2430 Delegation of Authority to the Chancellor
BP2431 Chancellor Selection AP2431 Chancellor Selection
BP2432 Chancellor Succession
BP2435 Evaluation of the Chancellor AP2435 Evaluation of the Chancellor
BP2510 Collegial Consultation AP2510 Collegial Consultation
BP2610 Presentation of Initial Collective Bargaining Proposals
AP2610 Presentation of Initial Collective Bargaining Proposals

BP2710 Conflict of Interest

AP2710 Conflict of Interest
AP2712 Conflict of Interest Code
BP2714 Distribution of Tickets or Passes
AP2714 Distribution of Tickets or Passes
BP2715 Code of Ethics-Standards of Practice No AP
BP2716 Political Activity
BP2717 Personal Use of Public Resources No AP
BP2720 Communications Among Board
BP2725 Board Member Compensation
BP2730 Board Member Health Benefits AP2730 Board Member Health Benefits
BP2735 Board Member Travel
AP2735 Board Member Travel
BP2740 Board Education No AP
BP2745 Board Self Evaluation
BP2750 Board Member Absent From the State No AP

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Chapter 3: General Institution

Policy Procedure
BP3050 Institutional Code of Ethics AP3050 Institutional Code of Ethics
BP3100 Organizational Structure No AP
BP3200 Accreditation
AP3200 Accreditation

BP3225 Institutional Effectiveness

AP3225 Institutional Effectiveness

BP3226 Awards  No AP
BP3250 Institutional Planning
AP3250 Institutional Planning
BP3280 Grants AP3280 Grants
BP3300 Public Records AP3300 Public Records

BP3310 Records Retention & Destruction

AP3310 Records Retention & Destruction
BP3410 Nondiscrimination
AP3410 Nondiscrimination
AP3415 Immigration Enforcement Activities
BP3420 Equal Employment Opportunity AP3420 Equal Employment Opportunity

BP3430 Prohibition of Harassment

BP3433 Prohibition of Harassment Under Title IX
AP3430 Prohibition of Harassment
AP3433 Prohibition of Sexual Harassment Under Title IX
AP3434 Responding to Harassment Based on Sex Under Title IX
AP3435 Discrimination and Harassment Resolution Procedures
BP3440 Service Animals
AP3440 Service Animals
BP3500 Campus Safety AP3500 Campus Safety
BP3501 Campus Security and Access
AP3501 Campus Security and Access
BP3505 Emergency Response Plan
AP3505 Emergency Response Plan
BP3510 Workplace Violence Plan AP3510 Workplace Violence Plan

BP3515 Reporting of Crime

AP3515 Reporting of Crime
AP3516 Registered Sex Offender Information
BP3518 Child Abuse Reporting
AP3518 Child Abuse Reporting
BP3520 Local Law Enforcement
AP3520 Local Law Enforcement
BP3530 Weapons on Campus AP3530 Weapons on Campus
BP3540 Sexual and Other Assaults on Campus
AP3540 Sexual and Other Assaults on Campus
BP3550 Drug Free Environment and Drug Prevention Program
AP3550 Drug Free Environment and Drug Prevention Program
BP3560 Alcoholic Beverages AP3560 Alcoholic Beverages
BP3570 Smoking on Campus
AP3570 Smoking on Campus
BP3580 Sustainability

AP3580 Sustainability

BP3590 Energy Conservation AP3590 Energy Conservation
BP3600 Auxiliary Organizations BP3600 Auxiliary Organizations
BP3710 Securing of Copyright
AP3710 Securing of Copyright
BP3715 Intellectual Property AP3715 Intellectual Property

BP3720 Computer and Network Use

AP3720 Computer and Network Use

BP3725 Information and Communications Technology Accessibility and Acceptable Use
AP3725 Information and Communications Technology Accessibility and Acceptable Use
AP3750 Use of Copyrighted Material - 7/9/20
BP3810 Claims Against the District AP3810 Claims Against the District
BP3820 Gifts and Donations AP3820 Gifts and Donations
BP3900 Speech: Time, Place, and Manner AP3900 Speech: Time, Place, and Manner
BP3915 Printing AP3915 Printing
BP3920 Electronic Mail AP3920 Electronic Mail

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Chapter 4: Academic Affairs

Policy Procedure
BP4000 Instructional Programs No AP
BP4010 Academic Calendar
AP4010 Academic Calendar

BP4020 Program, Curriculum, and Course Development

AP4020 Program, Curriculum, and Course Development
AP4021 Program Discontinuance
AP4022 Course Approval
BP4025 Philosophy and Criteria for AS Degree and General Education
AP4025 Philosophy and Criteria for AS Degree and General Education
BP4026 Philosophy and Criteria for International Education AP4026 Philosophy and Criteria for International Education
BP4030 Academic Freedom No AP
BP4040 Library Services AP4040 Library Services
BP4050 Articulation
AP4050 Articulation
BP4060 Delineation of Functions Agreements
AP4060 Delineation of Functions Agreements
BP4070 Auditing and Auditing Fees AP4070 Auditing and Auditing Fees
BP4100 Graduation Requirements for Degrees and Certificates AP4100 Graduation Requirements for Degrees and Certificates
BP4101 Independent Study AP4101 Independent Study
BP4102 Career and Technical Education Programs
AP4102 Career and Technical Education Programs
BP4103 Work Experience

AP4103 Work Experience
AP4104 Contract Education
BP4105 Distance Education
AP4105 Distance Education
BP4220 Standards of Scholarship
AP4220 Standards of Scholarship
AP4222 Remedial Coursework
BP4225 Course Repetition
AP4225 Course Repetition

BP4226 Multiple and Overlapping Enrollments

AP4226 Multiple and Overlapping Enrollments
AP4227 Repeatable Courses
AP4228 Course Repetition - Significance Lapse of Time
AP4229 Course Repetition - Variable Units
BP4230 Grading and Academic Record Symbols
AP4230 Grading and Academic Record Symbols
BP4231 Grade Changes AP4231 Grade Changes
BP4232 Pass/No Pass AP4232 Pass/No Pass
BP4235 Credit by Examination
AP4235 Credit by Examination
BP4240 Academic Renewal
AP4240 Academic Renewal

BP4250 Probation, Dismissal & Readmission

AP4250 Probation, Dismissal & Readmission

BP4260 Prerequisites & Co-requisites

AP4260 Prerequisites & Co-requisites
BP4300 Field Trips and Excursions AP4300 Field Trips and Excursions
BP4320 Off-Campus Speakers AP4320 Off-Campus Speakers
BP4400 Community Services Programs AP4400 Community Services Programs

BP4500 Student News Media

AP4500 Student News Media
BP4800 Human Remains AP4800 Human Remains

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Chapter 5: Student Services

Policy Procedure
BP5010 Admissions Concurrent Enrollment
AP5010 Admissions Concurrent Enrollment
AP5011 Admission and Concurrent Enrollment of High School and Other Young Students
AP5013 Students in the Military
BP5015 Residence Determination
AP5015 Residence Determination  
AP5017 Responding to Inquiries of Immigration Status, Citizenship Status, and National Origin Information
BP5020 Non-Resident Tuition AP5020 Non-Resident Tuition
BP5030 Fees AP5030 Fees
BP5031 Instructional Materials Fee
AP5031 Instructional Materials Fee
BP5035 Withholding of Student Records AP5035 Withholding of Student Records

BP5040 Student Records, Directory Information

AP5040 Student Records, Directory Information
AP5045 Student Records - Challenging Content and Access Log
BP5050 Student Success and Support Program
AP5050 Student Success and Support Program
BP5052 Open Enrollment AP5052 Open Enrollment
BP5055 Enrollment Priorities
AP5055 Enrollment Priorities
BP5070 Attendance Accounting
BP5075 Course Adds, Drops, and Withdrawals
AP5075 Course Adds, Drops, and Withdrawals
BP5110 Counseling
AP5110 Counseling
BP5120 Transfer Center AP5120 Transfer Center
BP5130 Financial Aid
AP5130 Financial Aid
BP5140 Disabled Student Program and Services
AP5140 Disabled Student Program and Services
BP5150 Extended Opportunity Programs & Services
AP5150 Extended Opportunity Programs & Services
BP5200 Student Health Services
AP5200 Student Health Services
BP5205 Student Accident Insurance AP5203 Lactation Accommodations
BP5210 Communicable Disease AP5210 Communicable Disease
BP5300 Student Equity - 5/16/19 AP5300 Student Equity
BP5400 Associated Students Organization No AP
BP5410 Associated Students Elections No AP

BP5420 Associated Students Finance

AP5420 Associated Students Finance
BP5500 Standards of Student Conduct
AP5500 Standards of Student Conduct
AP5520 Student Discipline Procedures
BP5530 Student Rights and Grievances AP5530 Student Rights and Grievances
BP5700 Intercollegiate Athletics

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Chapter 6: Business & Fiscal Services

Policy Procedure
BP6100 Delegation of Authority, Business and Fiscal Affair AP6100 Delegation of Authority, Business and Fiscal Affairs
BP6150 Designation of Authorized Signatures
AP6150 Designation of Authorized Signatures
BP6200 Budget Preparation
AP6200 Budget Preparation
BP6250 Budget Management AP6250 Budget Management
BP6300 Fiscal Management
AP6300 Fiscal Management
AP6305 Reserves
AP6307 Debt Issuance and Management
AP6310 Accounting
AP6315 Warrants
BP6320 Investments AP6320 Investments
BP6325 Payroll AP6325 Payroll
BP6330 Purchasing
AP6330 Purchasing
BP6340 Bids & Contracts
AP6340 Bids & Contracts
AP6345 Bids & Contracts UPCCAA
AP6350 Contracts-Construction
AP6360 Contracts-Electronic Systems and Materials
AP6365 Contracts-Accessibility of Information Technology
BP6400 Financial Audits AP6400 Financial Audits
BP6450 Wireless or Cellular Phone Use AP6450 Wireless or Cellular Phone Use
BP6500 Property Management
AP6500 Property Management
BP6520 Security for District Property AP6520 Security for District Property

BP6530 District Vehicles

AP6530 District Vehicles

BP6535 Use of District Equipment AP6535 Use of District Equipment
BP6540 Insurance AP6540 Insurance - 4/9/20
BP6550 Disposal of Property AP6550 Disposal of Property
BP6600 Capital Construction AP6600 Capital Construction
BP6610 Local, Minority, Women, and Veteran Owned Enterprise Program No AP
BP6620 Naming of Buildings
AP6620 Naming of Buildings
BP6700 Civic Center and Other Facilities Use AP6700 Civic Center and Other Facilities Use
BP6740 Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee AP6740 Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee
BP6750 Parking AP6750 Parking
BP6751 Parking Citation Payment Plan AP6751 Parking Citation Payment Plan
BP6800 Safety AP6800 Safety
BP6900 Bookstores
BP6925 Refreshments or Meals Served at Meetings and District Events AP6925 Refreshments or Meals Served at Meetings and District Events
BP6930 Vending Machines AP6930 Vending Machines

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Chapter 7: Human Resources

Policy Procedure
BP7100 Commitment to Diversity

AP7100 Commitment to Diversity

BP7110 Delegation of Authority, HR AP7110 Delegation of Authority, HR
BP7120 Recruitment and Hiring AP7120 Recruitment and Hiring

BP7125 Verification of Eligibility for Employment

AP7125 Verification of Eligibility for Employment
AP7126 Applicant Background Investigations and Reference Checks
BP7130 Compensation AP7130 Compensation
BP7140 Collective Bargaining

AP7140 Collective Bargaining
AP7145 Personnel Files
BP7150 Evaluation AP7150 Evaluation
BP7160 Professional Development - in review process AP7160 Professional Development

BP7210 Academic Employees

AP7210 Academic Employees
AP7210 Academic Employees (ACADEMIC RANK)
AP7211 Faculty Service Areas, Minimum Qualifications, and Equivalencies

AP 7215 Academic Employees: Probationary Contract Faculty

AP7216 Academic Employees: Grievance Procedure for Contract Decisions
BP7230 Classified Employees
AP7230 Classified Employee
AP7232 Classification Review
AP7233 Claims for Work Out of Class
AP7234 Overtime
BP7236 Substitute and Short Term Employees
AP7236 Substitute and Short Term Employees
AP7237 Layoffs
BP7240 Confidential Employees AP7240 Confidential Employees
Confidential Group Handbook - 9/1/20
BP7250 Educational Administrators
AP7250 Educational Administrators
BP7260 Classified Supervisors and Managers
AP7260 Classified Supervisors and Managers
BP7265 Management Internship AP7265 Management Internship
BP7270 Student Workers
AP7270 Student Workers

BP7310 Nepotism

AP7310 Nepotism
BP7330 Communicable Diseases AP7330 Communicable Diseases
BP7335 Health Examinations

AP7336 Certification of Freedom from TB
AP7337 Fingerprinting
BP7340 Leaves
AP7343 Industrial Accident and Illness Leave
AP7344 Notifying the District of Illness
BP7345 Catastrophic Leave
AP7346 Employees Called to Military Duty
AP7348 Accommodations
BP7350 Resignations
AP7350 Resignations
BP7360 Discipline & Dismissal Academic Employees
BP7365 Discipline & Dismissal Classified Employees
AP7365 Discipline & Dismissal Classified Employees

BP7370 Political Activity

AP7370 Political Activity
AP7371 Personal Use of Public Resources
BP7380 Retiree Health Benefits: Academic Employees
AP7380 Retiree Health Benefits: Academic Employees
AP7381 Health and Welfare Benefits
BP7385 Salary Deductions
AP7385 Salary Deductions
BP7400 Travel AP7400 Travel
BP7420 Authorized Drivers AP7420 Authorized Drivers
BP7450 Mileage Reimbursement
AP7450 Mileage Reimbursement
AP7500 Volunteers
BP7500 Volunteers
BP7510 Domestic Partners
BP7600 District Police Department AP7600 District Police Department
BP7700 Whistleblower Protection
AP7700 Whistleblower Protection

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