Economic and Workforce Development Coordinating Committee

This committee shall have the responsibility of coordinating District support for economic development classes and activities offered through the Professional Development Center. All not-for-credit classes offered at or through the PDC shall be coordinated with either San Bernardino Valley College or Crafton Hills College. Credit and non-credit programs offered in the District through economic development efforts shall be a part of one of the two colleges with the appropriate reviews and evaluation by the Academic Senate.


The District Business Manager will chair the Economic Development Coordinating Committee. The Director of the Professional Development Center shall be on the committee. The President of each college will make the management appointment. Members of this committee shall have involvement in occupational education and/or economic development programs. Faculty appointments shall be made by the Presidents of the Academic Senates at each college.

Membership List 2015 


All members are responsible for making regular reports to their respective organizations. The administrators responsible for Board Policy recommendations that come from the standing committees will forward recommendations to the District Assembly and appropriate constituent groups for review and the Chancellor will forward the final recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The minutes of this committee will be posted on the District Web.


FY 2015-16 Meeting Dates


Meeting Location Date Agenda Add. Minutes
Meeting Location Date Agenda Add. Minutes
Regular Meeting ATTC Aug 28, 2015
Regular Meeting ATTC Jan 22, 2015
Regular Meeting ATTC May 15, 2014
Regular Meeting ATTC Nov 21, 2013
Regular Meeting ATTC Sep 19, 2013
Regular Meeting ATTC Apr 25, 2013
Regular Meeting ATTC Mar 28, 2013
Regular Meeting ATTC Feb 21, 2013
Regular Meeting ATTC Jan 17, 2013
Meeting ATTC Dec 1, 2011
Meeting ATTC Nov 3, 2011
Meeting ATTC Sep 1, 2011
Meeting ATTC May 5, 2011
Meeting ATTC Mar 3, 2011