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San Bernardino Community College District wins Building Industry Association award

SBCCD wins good government award from BIA Baldy View Chapter 2017

Building Industry Association of Southern California Baldy View Chapter gives the San Bernardino Community College District the Good Government Award on Dec. 7 at the Sheraton Fairplex in Pomona. Pictured: former BIA Baldy View Chapter president Ali Sahabi, EDCT Foundation Director Ashley Gaines, SBCCD Workforce Development Director (Interim) Robert Lavesque, SBCCD Director of Marketing, Public Affairs and Government Relations Angel Rodriguez, SBCCD Workforce Development Manager (Interim) Deanna Khrebiel, SBCCD Associate Vice Chancellor Richard Galope, SBCCD Board of Trustees President Joseph Williams, SBCCD Trustee Frank Reyes, SBCCD Chancellor Bruce Baron, San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board Vice Chair Phillip Cothran and BIA Baldy View Chapter CEO Carlos Rodriguez. (Photo by Pablo Treto, SBCCD)

Publish Date : 12/11/2017 at 6:42 PM

San Bernardino Community College District has been awarded the Good Government Award from the Building Industry Association of Southern California Baldy View Chapter in recognition for creating a job-readiness certificate to help students gain skills to meet the needs of regional employers. Chancellor Bruce Baron, Board of Trustees President Joseph Williams, Trustee Frank Reyes and officials of SBCCD’s Economic Development & Corporate Training division received the award on December 7 at the BIA’s annual charity gala held at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel in Pomona.

Crafton Hills College earns state recognition for raising students' earnings

Crafton Hills College Grad

Publish Date : 11/19/2017 at 9:26 PM

Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, Calif. was recognized for student success in child development, teacher education, business administration and business management programs.

Meet SBCCD's new student trustees: Atumn Blackburn and Jajuan Dotson

Autumn Blackburn and Jajuan Dotson

Autumn Blackburn and Jajuan Dotson, newly elected student trustees of the San Bernardino Community College District.

Publish Date : 6/29/2017 at 12:00 AM

Profile written by Beverly Rapouw, former SBCCD student trustee

SBCCD launches fair to help community reach college and career goals

SBCCD College and Career Fair

Publish Date : 5/09/2017 at 12:00 AM

May 17 event is free and open to the public.

San Bernardino Mayor, SBCCD leaders welcome Chinese business delegation to Inland region

SB Mayor and SBCCD welcome Chinese business delegation

Chinese business delegation visit to San Bernardino included a ceremonial signing of a "Declaration of Innovative Collaboration" to boost local and global entrepenuership

Publish Date : 4/27/2017 at 12:00 AM

The San Bernardino Community College District signed a ceremonial “Declaration of Innovative Collaboration” with Creative Young Community, a Chinese government-sponsored business accelerator with a goal to build 30 incubators in 30 cities throughout China by 2018. San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis, SBCCD Chancellor Bruce Baron and the SBCCD Board of Trustees welcomed the business delegation on April 27 at the Norton Regional Event Center, adjacent to the San Bernardino International Airport.

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SBCCD launches fair to help community reach college and career goals20170509000000San Bernardino Community College District wins Building Industry Association award20171211184200Chancellor Bruce Baron: Federal defunding of KVCR, PBS and NPR could hurt our kids20170328000000San Bernardino Mayor, SBCCD leaders welcome Chinese business delegation to Inland region20170427000000Crafton Hills College earns state recognition for raising students' earnings20171119212600$157 million to be awarded to San Bernardino Community College District from FCC’s spectrum auction20170227000000Meet SBCCD's new student trustees: Atumn Blackburn and Jajuan Dotson20170629000000SBCCD leaders advocate for students in Washington20170215125500Chancellor's Column: SBCCD provides guidance, support to DREAM Act students20160908141800MCHS at SBVC Receives Top State wide Ranking20160825170100Chancellor's Column: Campus safety always at forefront for SBCCD20160818093200Resolutions adopted at the August 11, 2016 Board of Trustees meeting20160816091800Four Positions Open on SBCCD Board of Trustees20160722112100It is Time to Register for Fall Classes at SBVC and CHC20160804124400San Bernardino Community College District Colleges receive Full Accreditation Status20160711093600SBCCD Board Installs New Student Trustees20160615085900SBCCD Awarded CDCR Contract of almost $3 million20160603090700SBCCD Honors Outgoing Student Trustees20160526101900Chancellor's Column: Celebrating Milestones at the SBCCD20160523144100$nameNaNChancellor's Column: Crafton Hills, San Bernardino Valley colleges receive Accreditation Status20160721103100Chancellor's Column: Financial Aid makes the Difference for Most SBCCD Students20160523135500SBCCD Names New Presidents for Crafton Hills and San Bernardino Valley Colleges20160613133200SBCCD awarded $280,000 IRDC Grant20160523141100SBCCD Trustee Earns Excellence Award20160523135800Resolutions Adopted at the April 14, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting20160523143500Chancellor's Column: Report Demonstrates Significance of SBCCD Economic Impact on the IE20160523134800SBCCD hosts First International Trade Forum20160523134100Chinese Leaders Attend SBCCD CTE Training20160523133200SBCCD is First in Public Higher Ed Sector to Use ADP Vantage HCM to Transform HR Processes20160523132700SBCCD has a $621.8 Million Impact on San Bernardino & Riverside Counties20160523131000SBCCD Trustee Earns Excellence Award20160523131400KVCR Named IEEP 2015 Non-Profit of the Year20160219183500CHC President named Chancellor for North Orange County Community College District20160217152400Resolutions Adopted at the February 25, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting20160523141900March 2 Forum to Provide Information on International Trade Opportunities and Assistance Programs20160212141300Chancellor's Column: Engaged Students Succeed at Community Colleges20160523142200Resolutions Adopted at the January 21, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting20160212140700Entrepreneurship Institute Starts January 2720160212134600Chancellor's Column: Middle College High School - A Short Cut to a Successful Future20160212141000Spring Classes Start at SBVC and CHC on January 1920160212134200Chancellor's Column: A New Year; A New You!20150202152000Chancellor's Column: Accreditation - A Process of Continuous Improvement20150218184300Chancellor's Column: Campus Safety continues as a Major Concern20151012080800Chancellor's Column: Community College can be First Step to Success20150319141700Chancellor's Column: Earn a 'Degree with a Guarantee'20150409132000Chancellor's Column: Encouraging More Diversity at the Front of the Classroom20160212135100Chancellor's Column: Entrepreneurial Colleges Must Look Beyond Campus to Maximize Resources20150306151400Chancellor's Column: Fostering successful entrepreneurs an important aspect of economic development20150723110300Chancellor's Column: Helping the Community and Supporting Education through SBCCD Foundations20150220111100Chancellor's Column: Reviving the 'Promise' in the California Education Master Plan20151117114700Chancellor's Column: The Difference in the Mission of 'for profit' and 'non profit' Colleges20150514115600CHC Tees Off Athletics Program20160212133300EDCT Foundation Receives Tax-Exempt Status20151110141300EIOSB Competition Selects "Best Business Plan 2015" Winner20150729152600Entrepreneurship Institute Starts August 520150729153200Entrepreneurship Institute Starts January 2820150129125500Resolutions Adopted at December 10, 2015 Board Meeting20160212140400Resolutions Adopted at February 2015 Board Meeting20150319135400Resolutions Adopted at March 2015 Board Meeting20150319140500Resolutions Adopted at November 12, 2015 Board Meeting20151117115300Resolutions Adopted at the April Board Meeting20150603154600Resolutions Adopted at the May 14 Board Meeting20150603155200Resolutions Adopted at the May 28 Board Meeting20150603155600Resolutions August 13 Board Meeting20151110142200$nameNaNResolutions Oct 8 Board Meeting20151110144100San Bernardino Community College District Releases Mobile Apps for Both Colleges20150423141500SBCCD and SBVC awarded Outstanding Achievement for Renovation of Auditorium20150603161300SBCCD appoints new Director of Facilities Planning & Construction20150611113200SBCCD available to assist students of closed Corinthian Colleges20150429202300SBCCD Awarded $353K Workforce Development Grant20150306150200SBCCD Board of Trustees Welcomes New Student Trustees20150729153800SBCCD Board to Appoint Interim Trustee - Applications Due Oct. 3020151016085600SBCCD Chalks up a Million for Good Behavior20150129133100SBCCD Colleges receive Accreditation Review results20150212104100SBCCD contributes Bicycles to Children's Fund20150409130900SBCCD Elects New Board Officers20151015111900SBCCD establishes 24 Hour Sexual Assault Advocate Program20150306150500SBCCD Honored with Fourth Distinquished Budget Presentation Award20150603160100SBCCD Honors Long-time Employees20151110141500SBCCD Installs New Board Member20151203132200SBCCD Installs Trustees and Elects New Board Officers20150108143300SBCCD Recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness Month20150409130600SBCCD Welcomes New HR Vice Chancellor and Promotes EDCT Head to Associate Vice Chancellor20150423115700SBCCD's EDCT to offer Free Training to help Businesses Stay Competitive20160212133100SBVC Hosting HBCU Regional Transfer Fair20151110141000SBVC President to Retire June 3020151117114400SBVC Student Trustee Sworn In20150729154300SBVC to Honor Those Lost and Injured in Inland Regional Center Tragedy20160212133700State Chancellor Brice Harris at SBVC for Budget Workshop20150729162400Trustee Henry earns Excellence Award from CCLC20150130085600SBCCD Honors San Manuel Band of Mission Indians20141126105400SBCCD Honored for Energy Conservation20141126103900Dr. Fisher Selected to Head SBVC20141114135100Chancellor's Column: A holiday letter from the chancellor20150202160400Resolutions Adopted at December 2014 Board Meeting20150202155000Chancellor's Column: Saving energy means increased resources for students20141113130700San Bernardino Community College District Honors Long-Time Employees20141113130700Chancellor's Column: SBCCD providing training specifically to address 'skills gaps'20150202160100Trustee Harrison honored by SBVC with Barbara Jordan Award20141009105200SBCCD awarded $1.3m grant for STEM Incubator Project as part of Consortium20141007165200SBCCD commits to fast tracking SBCUSD students through SBVC20141009113500Chancellor's Column: Student Success Initiative designed to help economic growth20140911113200Resolutions passed by the Board October 201420141123113100Resolutions passed by the Board of Trustees November 201420141124102700Resolutions passed by the Board September 201420141123110300$nameNaNResolutions passed by the Board of Trustees August 201420140911115300Chancellor's Column: Helping students take advantage of numerous STEM opportunities20140819141300FNX Native Media Awards Presented at SBCCD Board Meeting20140819135200SBCCD Honored with Third Distinquished Budget Presentation Award20140819135600Entrepreneurship Institute Competition selects "Best Business Plan 2014"20140731104000SBCCD LEASES LARGE OFFICE AND PUBLICATIONS SPACE IN REDLANDS20140630113500Chancellor's Column: A Partnership to Create Jobs and Training for the Inland Empire20140616141700Chancellor's Column: Enhancing the economic prosperity of the Inland Empire by keeping jobs local20140710105100Entrepreneurship Institute Starts July 920140616143800SBCCD Board of Trustees Installs New Student Trustees20140616142800SBCCD STAFF COMPLETE CERT PROGRAM20140626102000Board Adopts Resolution to Recognize the Contributions of Student Trustee Yasmeen Flores20140616120000Board Adopts Resolution to Recognize Contributions of Student Trustee Rosalinda Sosa Sanchez20140616115800SBCCD Boards Local Hire Policy Keeps Jobs and Wages in the Inland Empire20140616142200Board Adopts Resolution to Recognize the Importance of June as LGBT Pride Month20140616114300Board Adopts Resolution in Support of African American Music Appreciation Month20140616113400Board Adopts Resolution Ratifying Staffs Authority Regarding Lease LeaseBack20140616115500Board Adopts Resolution Regarding the Education Protection Account20140616114900SBCCD Awarded Almost $300,000 to Train Unemployed Workers20140606201100Board of Trustees Approves Resolution recognizing Classified School Employees Week20140604160900Four Join SBCCD District Office Team20140513143500Chancellor's Column: Graduation - A Time to Assess Academic Institutional Success20140508105900SBCCD Recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness Month20140424090700SBCCD and SBVC Receive CMAA Award for Business Building20140422112900Chancellor's Column: Community Colleges Plan for Your Career Success20140409204500Board of Trustees Adopts Resolution to Recognize April 22, 2014 as "Earth Day"20140411134600Board of Trustees Adopts Resolution to Recognize the Retirement of Dr. Mildred Henry Dalton20140411134200Board of Trustees Adopts Resolution to Recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month April 201420140411133900Board of Trustees Adopts Resolution to Accept POST Recruitment and Training Standards20140411134900SBCCD Hosts Nanotechnology Summit 201420140409204100Chancellor's Column: Quality Education, Quality Performance20140320094200Board Adopts Resolution to Recognize Women's History Month20140320094600Chancellor's Column: Creating a Pathway to College Success20140213093800SBCCD and SBVC receive LEED Certification for Chemistry and Physical Sciences Building20140213093000SBCCD to Offer Students Immediate, Unencumbered Access to Financial Aid20140130090200SBCCD's Entrepreneurship Institute Celebrates Grand Opening20140122212800Chancellor's Column: Citizens Bond Oversight Committee has a full plate20140117082700Chancellor Welcomes Governor Brown's Proposed 2014-15 Budget20140117082100Grand Opening of EIOSB on January 1720140117081800Second Entrepreneurship Institute Class starts January 1520140117081500Spring 2014 Classes starting at SBVC and CHC January 1320140117081100Free Nanotechnology Technicians Training begins Feb 1820140108093200Chancellor's Column: Reaching Out20131213145100SBCCD Supports Veteran Student Success through use of 8 Key Program20130829153600SBCCD Launches Entrepreneurship Institute of San Bernardino20130814153700Time to Register for Fall Classes!20130806083900Nanotechnology Training Opportunity Expanded!20130701084800Board of Trustees installs New Student Trustees20130626141900SBCCD and SBVC Honored with Safety Award20130626140500Catch the Excitement!20131024113600Chinese Government Officials Tour SBCCD Nano Center20131211170900EDCT to Host Free Nanotechnology Training20130613154100Four Join SBCCD Management Team20131024121000Free Nanotechnology Technician's Training Starts Oct. 2820131024114400Hispanic Serving Institution Grants Serve All Students20131024114200How much will that Degree or Certificate earn?20131024112400Opinion: Community Colleges Must Reach Out20131212133900Proud to serve those who serve our nation20131024120800SBCCD and CHC Receive LEED Certification for Aquatics Center20131211165900SBCCD and Supervisor Ramos Recognize Statewide Honor to District CSEA Head20131024122000SBCCD Awarded $2.6 Million Multi-party Workforce Contract20131024114700SBCCD Board holding Public Meetings to Evaluate Redistricting Options20131024113400SBCCD Board of Trustees Selects Redistricting Option20131216095400SBCCD Chancellor Pledges to Promote Entrepreneurship20131024115700SBCCD Commits to Implement 8 Keys to Veterans' Success on Campus20131024112700SBCCD Elects New Board Officers20131213144400SBCCD Entrepreneurship Institute Receives Corporate Contribution20131024120100SBCCD Honored with Second Distinquished Budget Presentation Award20130613154400SBCCD wins grant to develop regional digital consortium20131024113000SBCCD's Entrepreneurship Institute Graduates First Class20131211164300SBVC to host Public Forum for Presidential Candidates20130425093400The Opportunity to Thank the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians20131211170600The Proposed California Budget and its Impact on the Community Colleges20131024112000SBCCD Provides Report Card on District Sustainability Plan20130419133200SBCCD's EDCT Hosts Free Nanotechnology Technician's Training20130418091100SBCCD Posts 'Student Success Scorecard'20130409174100SBCCD Board names Veteran's Affairs Administrator20130409173700New Trustee Installed20130228170300SBCCD Board selects new Trustee20130124201600SBCCD Board to interview candidates for vacancy20130122133500SBCCD Extends Sustainability Committment20130403202400Trustee Applications being accepted through Jan 3 201320130102155200Board names CHC President and SBVC Interim President20121217155900New SBCCD Board Members Installed and Officers Elected20121217155600Presidential Candidate Forums Set for SBVC and CHC20121115111300Capital Appreciation Bonds were Right Choice for SBCCD20121005145500Board of Trustees Adopts Resolution in Favor of Prop 3020121005145000KVCR TV-FM to Feature Program on the ATPC20121024152400Presidential Finalists Announced20121120132300SBCCD Set to Weather the Approaching Financial Storm20121005145800SBVC Announces Honorees for Alumni and Athletic Hall of Fame and Distinquished Service Awards20120928154000SBCCD and CSUSB Host Youth ICREATE Fair May 1220120503162200Crafton Hills awarded $280,000 grant for Arabic Studies program20120813152200EDCT Hosts CCCCO Vice Chancellor20120924105200SBCCD adopts Sustainability Plan20120131112400SBCCD Board of Trustees Welcomes New Student Trustees20120816184800SBCCD Partners with The Grove School for Summer Skills Program20120524153200EDCT Executive Director Wins State-Wide Award20120228113500EDCT Hosts Career and Resource Fair20120216145100SBCCD Receives National Budget Award20120419104900Interim President and VPI named at SBVC20120131114100Historic Native American channel launches in Southern California20111014084700SBCCD Colleges Awarded $9.1 Million Over Five Years in STEM Grants20110923115500Next NanoCenter Training Begins July 2520110714111900Free Bus Rides for Students Approved by SBCCD Board in Partnership with Omnitrans20110607171800SBCCD Awarded $5 million Grant to Assist Students with Disabilities20110531142100Charlie Ng Appointed Vice Chancellor20110929093200Chinese Delegation Visits EDCT20111115113900Board of Trustees Issues Resolution Supporting Classified School Employee Week20110531140100Last Federally Funded Nanotechnology Training Cohort Begins December 520111117130800Public Comment Sought Regarding Sustainability Plan20111109083300SBCCD Board Installs New Student Trustees20110621153000SBCCD Hosting Meeting on Early Assessment and Seamless Education20110815162400NanoCenter Hosts Business Speaker on Feb 23 at 6pm20110214132500District Anticipates $1.2 Million in Annual Savings from Energy Plan20110125172500EDCT Open House Jan 1920110104103600ATTC Solar Seminar April 520110401154600Board Issues Resolution in Support of Latino Education & Advocacy Days20110317155500Board of Trustees Appoints Bruce Baron Chancellor20110425134300Board of Trustees Issues Two Resolutions20110401154100Crafton Hills College Accreditation Reaffirmed20110225110500District to Host Chancellor Candidate Forum April 420110329161300Nanotechnology Training Begins March 2120110225105900Next NanoCenter CoHort Begins May 2320110512090900SBCCD Trustees Present Resolution to SBVC Athletes20110308132200Solar Training Available at ATTC Starting March 2820110314101100Space Available in Nanotechnology Training Starting March 2120110317155000Training Available for Graduating High School Seniors20110407110600Trustee and Three Others Nominated for Education Medals20110303083800Board Elects Officers and Installs New Members20101214164700SBCCD Board Honors Retiring Member20101215164700SBCCD Honored by NAACP20101117112100Robust Economy Depends on the SBCCD - from the San Bernardino Sun, Nov. 1, 201020101102171200New Public Relations Director Appointed for SBCCD20101026163500SBCCD Appoints Acting Chancellor20100108162400SBCCD Receives Valued Partner Award from HACU20101026164600Enrollment Fees Increase to $26 per unit20090730085800Green Collar Job Training Grant Awarded to SBCCD20091006090600KUCK TO RECEIVE STATE HONOR20090112160100Nanotechnology conference aims to spur industries, create jobs20090403091500SBCCD ADDRESSES BUDGET CUTS; ENROLLMENT GROWS OVER 12%20090312152300SBCCD Receives Accreditation Reports20090217145100SBCCD SADDENED BY DEATH OF FORMER TRUSTEE CHARLES H. BEEMAN20090220140100SBCCD's Applied Technology Training Center Awarded $2 Million Grant for Nanotechnology20090116162700TRUSTEE FUTCH RESPONDS TO SUPER SUNDAY BLOG20090205141400TRUSTEE SINGER APPOINTED TO STATEWIDE BOARD20090129144800NEW BOARD TAKE SEATS AT SBCCD ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING20081212142300Associated Students to Host SBCCD Board of Trustees Candidate Forums20081014160000BUDGET CUTS THREATEN OVER 250,000 COMMUNITY COLLEGE STUDENTS20081117081700JAMES RAMOS ELECTED PRESIDENT OF SBCCD BOARD OF TRUSTEES20081215125300SBCCD Construction Projects Contribute to Local Economy20080911064300Shining Stars Saluted for Service!20090515140432