Active shooter safety

Click here to print the Active Shooter brochure, Active Shooter pocket guide, or Active Shooter handbook
You may also view the active shooter video Run. Hide. Fight, or the presentation hosted by Willdan. 
Lockdown Active Shooter.  On-line training is also available through:

 To Report an Active Shooter/ Violent Subject call  9-1-1

 To report suspicious behavior/crime call District Police at (909) 384-4491

Anonymous reporting you may go to

See the Guide to Safety on Campus for additional tips


The following videos are only available to students and employees of the San Bernardino Community College District.  When you click play you will be asked to login using your WebAdvisor account.

  • For Students
    Use "student\<username>" for your username, and your password from WebAdvisor  
  • For Employees
    Use "sbccd\<username>" for your username, and your password from WebAdvisor  
  1. SBCCD Site-Specific Active Shooter Training
  2. LA County Sheriffs Department-Active Shooter Training
  3. Targeted Violence - Threats and Behavioral Indicators
  4. Evacuation Chair Demonstration Video 
  5. Auburn Video-Active Shooter Reponse