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As part of the 2016 comprehensive master planning process, a facilities master plan was developed which identifies new projects and major renovations based on institutional and program expansion needs. View our Master Plan here

The below list is the result of a collaborative effort on the part of the campuses and the Facilities Planning & Construction department, along with input from industry professionals. It takes into consideration SBCCD’s mission and goals to serve more students and address major health/life/safety issues associated with existing facilities.

Upcoming Projects

Project Title
Campus   Budget
Career Pathway 1 (New Construction) – Technical Building Replacement
San Bernardino Valley College
M&O Building Repurposing  San Bernardino Valley College
Performing Arts Center (PAC) Renovation 
Crafton Hills College
New Parking Structure  San Bernardino Valley College  $89,681,976 
New Softball Field  San Bernardino Valley College  $5,360,800 
Student Services & Instructional Building (New Construction) – Liberal Arts Replacement  San Bernardino Valley College  $95,863,832 
Admin Building and Campus Center Repurposing  San Bernardino Valley College  $14,103,899 
Crafton Hall Renovation (SSC)  Crafton Hills College  $6,250,465 
West Complex Renovation (CL)  Crafton Hills College  $11,922,962 
Student Support Building Renovation (SSB)  Crafton Hills College  $3,589,587 
Gymnasium Demolition  Crafton Hills College  $2,832,067 
East Valley Public Safety Training Center (New Construction)  Crafton Hills College  $10,415,894 
Career Pathways Phase 2 (New Construction)  San Bernardino Valley College  $60,200,322 
Physical Science, Health Life & Safety Building  San Bernardino Valley College  $4,485,265 
Warehouse Facilities (New Construction)  San Bernardino Valley College  $25,109,309 
Library Repurposing  San Bernardino Valley College  $4,798,991 
Joint-use Tennis Facilities (New Construction)  Crafton Hills College  $6,690,925 
Greek Theater & Planetarium Renovation  San Bernardino Valley College  $6,301,181 
New Gymnasium Building  Crafton Hills College  $46,806,630 
Soccer Field & Outdoor Kinesiology Laboratories (New Construction)  Crafton Hills College  $9,796,942 
Maintenance and Operations Additions (New Construction)  Crafton Hills College  $6,598,494 
East Instructional Building (New Construction)
Crafton Hills College  $41,288,427 
Teaching Pool (New Construction)  Crafton Hills College  $5,714,346 
Central Complex 2 Renovation (CHS)  Crafton Hills College  $11,788,829 
Child Development Center Renovation (CDC)  Crafton Hills College  $5,767,218 
PAC Building (New Construction) (future consideration only)  San Bernardino Valley College  TBD
District Office Expansion (recommendation in Master Plan only)  San Bernardino Community College District  $15,450,000 
San Bernardino Valley College Campus Wide Infrastructure  San Bernardino Valley College  $48,173,314 
Crafton Hills College Campus Wide Infrastructure  Crafton Hills College  $16,974,070