Economic Development and Corporate Training (EDCT)

The San Bernardino Community College District’s Economic Development and Corporate Training (EDCT) division has positioned itself to be the leading regional provider of innovative and responsive training solutions that meet the economic and workforce development needs of the Inland Empire.

EDCT provides a rapid response to the development of innovative and high demand customized training. We specialize in collaborating with businesses to provide upskill training and layoff aversion. In addition, through strategic partnerships and funding, EDCT provides career training and development for structurally marginalized populations. EDCT also provides short-term industry recognized skills for employment and career advancement.

California's Manufacturing Network - CMTC 

Economic Development & Corporate Training Staff

Economic Development & Corporate Training
Name/Email Position Phone
Krehbiel, Deanna Director, Workforce Development 909-382-4066
Mata, Susanne Director, ICT/DSN 909-382-4067
Garcia, Stacy Administrative Assistant II 909-382-4036
Vasquez, Timothy Manager, Workforce Development 909-382-4069
Holliman, Roanne Manager, Workforce Development 909-382-4084
Rubio, Eddie Manager, Workforce Development 909-382-4096
Lester, Wendy Assistant Manager, Workforce Development 909-382-4086
Joyce, Roxanne Assistant Manager, Workforce Development 909-387-1659
Bernal, Cynthia Interim Assistant Manager, Workforce Development 909-382-4011
Myler, Kaitlyn Workforce Grant Assistant 909-387-1686
Flores, Brianna Workforce Grant Assistant 909-381-2987
Romo, Lucinda Workforce Grant Assistant 909-384-8637
Haro, Jessica Workforce Grant Assistant 909-382-4099
Campero, Lilieth Workforce Grant Assistant 909-387-1689