Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Research

What we do

We help faculty and staff analyze academic data to enhance teaching and learning.

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We collaborate with faculty, staff, and administrators to facilitate and support planning and evidence-based decision-making. 

We integrate institutional research, planning, analysis, and continuous improvement to advance learning and institutional effectiveness and to support the missions of the colleges and the district. 

We provide support with:

  • Access to information and high quality data management services through self-service reports and web tools to improve decision-making at the District and each of the colleges
  • Short and long range District-wide planning and decision making
  • Reporting to Federal, State, and Accrediting agencies
  • Integration of strategic planning, District goals, central services goals, college goals, and institutional data
  • Meaningful discussions examining the District’s role and performance
  • Evidence to stimulate thoughtful reflection on existing practices and encourage ongoing review and improvement
  • The use of accurate, timely, and accessible information in a professional and ethical manner

Our vision

Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness will facilitate the San Bernardino Community College District becoming a "Learning Organization," which is the ultimate institutional effectiveness outcome. A Learning Organization “grows and adapts through ongoing innovation tuned to current, emerging, and future needs." Further, it "celebrates a "culture of 'wonder'...where data-supported intelligence can be agreed upon so people can focus on being successful" (Goben, 2007, p. 4).

Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Staff

Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
Name/Email Position Phone
Crew, Christopher Interim District Director 909-388-6907
Koh, Myung Research Analyst 909-388-6906